2024 Referendum.

What you need to know...

On April 2nd, 2024 Green County WI will see a referendum question on the ballot regarding Pleasant View Nursing Home. This referendum question is in regard to continued annual operational funding in the amount of $790,000.

  • Annual amount of $790,000 used for staffing and operations 
  • This is not an increase from what you are currently paying toward Pleasant View 
  • Pleasant View supports programs like Home Delivered Meals and Youth CNA Training 
  • Goes towards staffing and support costs
  • Pleasant View is succeeding in a time when facilities around us a closing 

Common Q&A

1) Will the referendum increase my taxes?

No – PV is just asking for a continuation of what they have been getting. There will be no request for an
increase despite inflation.

2) Many county homes are closing. Isn’t Pleasant View just going to end up closing anyway?

Pleasant View’s facility is recently remodeled and has no capital debt. They have a profitable
dementia stabilization facility, which is the only one in the state. The number of residents and staff needed to
care for them is increasing.

3) So what if Pleasant View closes? If I need a nursing home, I will just go somewhere else.

Nursing home openings across the state are scarce. Most nursing homes are at capacity due to staffing shortages.
The 70 residents who live at Pleasant View would need to be relocated miles away.
Pleasant View is also a part of many other areas of Green County life. For example:

– Pleasant View provides the meals for the Home Delivered Meal Program (ADRC Meals on Wheels);

– Pleasant View hosts several youth apprenticeship programs through multiple school districts;

– Pleasant View works with Greenco Industries to employ individuals with intellectual disabilities; and

– Pleasant View provides free nursing assistant training and certification.

4) Why does the county need a nursing home? Shouldn’t we just sell it to a for-profit company?

The nursing homes in our area that have closed have not been bought out by private companies (Woods Crossing/Bloomfield)
and have simply stood empty. Nursing homes, by themselves, are not designed to make a profit.

5) I will never need a nursing home, so why should I pay for it?

Someday your friends or family may need round-the-clock care. Most people are unable to stop their
lives to provide it. Pleasant View has been there for many families in times of need.
Let us continue with this proud tradition.