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Upcoming Events!

We always have a variety of activities and events in the works for our residents. View our Calendar of Events to see what is happening at Pleasant View, or visit our Facebook or Instagram page to see photos from previous events.


Together we can enhance the lives of a generation that has given so much to their country and communities. With your help, Pleasant View will continue to be more than a place where those in need of care come to live, but a place where they come to live life!


Join our long list of donors and consider donating to our Special Projects Fund or our Endowment Fund. We have many projects that Pleasant View is wanting to accomplish in the coming years and every donation counts towards it. Currently we our working on our 2022 project which includes an atrium being built for our residents. The atrium would allow plentiful natural sun light into the space and put the residents in the middle of nature without having to leave the building.

The Friends of Pleasant View Foundation is...

AN OPPORTUNITY… to financially support the mission of Pleasant View in serving the elderly in our Community.

THE CHANCE… to be a Friend in the truest sense of the word as you help, support, and promote the well-being of Pleasant View’s residents, now and for the future.

A METHOD… to raise the resources needed to add amenities, increase opportunities, and bring enjoyment into residents’ daily lives.