The Friends of Pleasant View

Board Members


Jim Glessner

John Glynn

Mike Doyle

Margaret Huber

Gary Neuenschwander


Faun M. Phillipson


Terry Snow

Pleasant View Nursing Home gives a very special thank you to all of our 2022 donors, near and far and especially for the continued support of our Green County Community-Caring for our elders!

2022 Donors For The Special Projects Fund

Lois Aebly

Terri Aldridge

Dustin & Nicole Allendorf

Ken & Diane Anderson

Karen Andrews

Lester & Lynn Andrews

Gloria Baertschi

Sandy Baertschi

Behr Iron & Metal

Ann Keen-Berg

Lee Binkley & Mary Schara

Linda Blum

Luann Bowen

Dr. George Breadon

Steven & Cheri Broge

Daniel & Shianne Broughton

Susan Bubolz

Ron & Sue Buholzer

Chuck & Lori Buttke

Art & Patricia Carter

Kenneth & Joan Chapin

Pat & Renita Coyle

Kathy Coldon

George & Barbara Cromwell

Sue Dahmen

DaVinci Powder Coating, Inc.

Debra Davis

John DiTulio

Ron Disch

Jennifer Dougherty

Mike Doyle

Theresa Dye

Jim& Cinda Field

Matt Figi

Michael Furgal

Dennis & Jane Ganshert

Rudy & Linda Gebhardt

John & Donna Glynn






Roger Green

Green County Cheese Days, Inc.

Jim & SandyGudenKauf

Tami Hanson

Joanne Hare

Horst & Mary Alice Hart

Delbert & Cindy Heins

Rachelle Hendrickson

Jim & Jody Hoesly

Terry & Laura Hughes

Scott, Katie, Delaney & Griffin Jacobson

Juda Volunteer Fire Department

Ann Keen-Berg

Jud & Beth Kindschi

Aaron & Stephanie King

George Kint

Kittelson, Barry, Wellington, Thompson, S.C.

IOLTA Trust Account

Marge Klinzing

Knoke & Kind Law Office

Evelyn Krauss

Kenneth & Donna Kundert

Helen Locher

Mary Logemann & Family

Beth & Bryant Luhman

Don & Kathy Mann

Edward Martin

Timothy & Krisanne martin

Susan Martinez

Daniel & Cheryl McGuire

Cynthia Miller

Sarah E. Miller

Jason Moen

Joyce Moen

Michael & Laura Molitor

The Monroe Times

Only in Wisconsin Giving, Inc. Foundation

New Glarus Brewing Co.



Donald & Kristine O’Connor

Shannon & Ruth O’Rourke Family

Chuck & Linda O’Rourke

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Mark & Connie Pelton

Faun M. Phillipson

Pleasant View Residents

Lavon Prien

The Lavon R. Prien Living Trust

Patty Blumer Riesen

Paul & Alice Roemer

Anthony & Angela Rogerson

Kristine Rood

Ruda Chevrolet-Toyota

Sharon Schmid & Jeff Luthanen

Heddy Shager

Pamela Schmid

Heidi K. Schmoldt

David & Patra Smith

Nancy Spoerry

William & Sara Stark

Millie Stauffer

Hedy Swiggum

Craig & Helen Tuttle-Thrivent

Cheryl Updike, Family & Friends

Gail Vita

Jean Van Wagenen

Dave & Alice Wangnoss

Alan Weckerly, Sr.

Eunice Wood

David & Kim Wuethrich

Kimbery Wyss

Randal Zemlicka

Brad & Lisa Zettle

Brian & Cindy Zimmerman

Ruth Zimmick

Zwygart Family Partnership

2022 Gift of Light Tree Donors

Sandy Baertschi

Christine Becker

Ann Keen-Berg

Linda Blum

Susan Boelke

Luann Bowen

Jean Busker

Kristi Davis

Heidi Digman

Marcia Donny

Kathy Gempeler

Jim Glessner 

Joanne Hare

John & Jan Hay

Margaret Huber & Dan

Heather Hushett

Gilbert & Mary Jelinek

Carolyn Johnsrud

Gary & Brenda Kranig

Michelle Leverence

Maggie & Dan

Sarah Miller, Jodi Jensen & Jackie Wehrenberg

Helen Miller

Michael & Laura Molitor

Joe & Julie Motz

Mark & Connie Pelton

Joan Winn Rufenacht

Joan Russell

Norman Salter

Doreen Saunders

Pamela Schmid

Heidi K. Schmoldt

Bryan & Cheryl Updike

View Unit Staff-Pleasant View Nursing Home

Rich & Jackie Wehrenberg

David, Kim, Amy & Kurtis Wuethrich

John Yttri

Brian & Cindy Zimmerman

Sharon, Jeff, Ellen, Maddy, Deliah & Evelyn

2022 Endowment Donors

Andrew & Diane Anderson                  Mayor Donna Douglas                         Beth & Bryant Luhman                    Sharon, Jeff, Elieen, Maddy, Delilah & Evelyn               Heidi K. Schmoldt

John & Katie Bauman                          Dennis Everson                                     Ursula Meier                                      Penny Ramos-Dale Davis Est.                                        Ron &  Jennifer Spielman

Steven & Cheri Broge                           Michael Furgal                                      Christine Merriam                            James & Cindy Rice                                                          John & Sherry Waelti

Susan Bubolz                                        Rudy & Linda Gebhardt                        William & Diane Moelling                Randy & Mary Roderick                                                   Richard & Jacqueline Wehrenberg

Jean Busker                                          John & Donna Glynn                             Joyce Moen                                      Anthony & Angela Rogerson                                           Wisconsin Bank & Trust

Renita Coyle                                          Jodi Jensen & Family                           Monroe Moose Lodge                     Joan Rufenacht                                                                Janet Zee

Barb Curtis                                            Maria B. Johnson                                  Kristine O’Connor                             Joan Russell                                                                      Larry & Marci Ziltner

Sue Dahmen                                         Marjorie Klinzing                                   Susan O’Niell                                      Norman Salter                                                                  Brian & Cindy Zimmerman

Marcia Donny                                       Greg Knoke                                             De Paulson                                         Doreen Saunders


Become a Board Member

Join these great people and become part of a team who can make a difference in the lives of our beloved Pleasant View Residents. Members meet a few times a year for fun fundraising events and other activities that go towards supporting our Endowment and Special Project Funds.  This is your opportunity to give back to our elders of Green County. To become a member, contact any current acting board member for more information or Heidi Schmoldt at 608-325-8973.


Join our long list of donors and consider donating to our special projects fund or our endowment fund. We have many projects that pleasant view is wanting to accomplish in the coming years and every donation counts towards it. Currently we our working on our 2022 project which includes an atrium being built for our residents. The atrium would allow plentiful natural sun light into the space, put the residents in the middle of nature and allow them to enjoy the beautiful rolling hills and landscape of Green County.